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Our Dental Prices

At Kenmore Family Dental, we ensure that your needs are met by providing you with a variety of dental treatment packages to choose from. Please call us at (07) 3878 8247 if you have any questions on our treatments listed below.

Regular Check-up and Clean$180

Preventive care is crucial when it comes to your oral health, and it can also prevent small dental issues from becoming larger ones. See us every six months to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy (if it's been some time since your last visit we recommend a New Patient Exam with x-rays). 

New Patient Comprehensive Check-up and Cleaning | $295

If you are a new patient, we would like to welcome you to our dental clinic by offering a complimentary OPG x-ray in addition to a comprehensive check-up, and cleaning including x-rays and fluoride treatment. We are pleased to become your new healthcare partner. 

Tooth Fillings | $160 (one surface, simple restoration)

Most children and adults will have at least one filling in their lives. We offer tooth-coloured restorations that blend in with your teeth for an aesthetic look so you can smile confidently.

Teeth Bleaching | $390 take home kit or free take home with every exam 

There’s no easier way to improve your entire smile than professional teeth whitening. For your convenience, we offer two types of whitening systems, either in chair or take home. Both will give you great results.

Porcelain Veneers | $1,600

For a celebrity-calibre smile, consider porcelain veneers. These thin, translucent tooth covers hide imperfections in your smile, giving you a smile you won’t be able to stop showing.

Crowns | $1,750

Dental crowns can restore a tooth that has been damaged or cover up a tooth that is misshapen or stained, improving the form and function of your smile. They blend in seamlessly with your teeth for a natural look.

Simple Tooth Extraction | $320 (Includes limited consult and x-ray; less if already had x-ray or consultation)

Only in the most extreme cases will we recommend an extraction, but sometimes it is the best course of treatment. You can have confidence in our skills for comfortable extractions.

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