Children's Dentistry

At Kenmore Family Dental, we believe that good oral health habits start early, which is why we recommend you bring in your children by the time their first teeth have erupted, which is usually somewhere around six months to a year old. Children who get used to visiting the dentist as kids sometimes to grow into adults who continue to see their dentist regularly.

Our new clinic was designed with families in mind. The first thing you’ll see when you walk in is our pirate ship-themed area that includes an Xbox and plenty of video games. We hope your children will have a great time before their appointment or waiting while you finish up yours.

The Importance of Early Visits to the Dentist

Although children will ultimately lose their primary, or baby, teeth, there are many reasons it is crucial to keep these teeth healthy until their permanent teeth come in. They will need them for chewing and speaking properly, and the primary teeth also impact how the permanent teeth come in and act as a guide for the alignment of adult teeth.

Just as adults are prone to plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay, kids can develop all of these issues as well. You might choose your children should visit the dentist twice each year for regular check-ups and cleans. We will also use digital x-rays to keep an eye on teeth before they have erupted to ensure their proper development.

We will speak with your child about his or her oral health in an age-appropriate manner. We will also talk to you about implementing proper home care. Most children lack the dexterity to properly brush their own teeth until they are about eight years old, so it’s up to their parents to assist with brushing and flossing. We can show you how to do this effectively.

Preventive Care for Children

For kids who might be prone to tooth decay, we offer preventive measures such as fluoride application and dental sealants. These non-invasive procedures provide added protection against cavities

Fluoride treatments will help teeth stay strong and healthy and more resistant to dental decay. Dental sealants are applied to the back molars soon after they erupt. The sealant serves as a physical barrier, keeping food particles from collecting and bacteria from taking hold in the deep grooves of those teeth. Application of the sealant is a quick treatment that requires no shots or drilling.

We Strive for a Positive Dental Experience 

We are committed to building a partnership with children and parents to support good oral health for the entire family. The sooner we get started on healthy smiles for life, the better the outcome.

We look forward to meeting you and your children so we can provide the best in dental care for our patients of all ages. We welcome you to call our Kenmore, QLD dental clinic to book an appointment.