Crowns and Bridges

Missing or damaged teeth may lead to future health issues. It might be difficult to keep optimal oral health or chew your favourite foods comfortably.

At Kenmore Family Dental, we are dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain a lifetime of good oral health. Dr Chris Plackner aims to restore your smile with dental crowns and bridges. We use materials to mimic the colour and texture of the natural tooth, so your restoration blends in.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

Whether your tooth has broken because of trauma or becomes unstable because of deep decay, a dental crown could protect your tooth. It acts as a tooth cover, or 'cap,' to strengthen the tooth structure and restore its function. Strong, long-lasting dental crowns are made to absorb the force of chewing.

Crowns are often well-suited in the following situations:

  • Rebuilding a tooth that has become worn or weak because a large dental filling has begun to fail
  • Reshaping a tooth that has an irregular appearance
  • Protecting a tooth that has become brittle after a root canal
  • Improving the appearance of a tooth that has become stained or discoloured
  • Holding a dental bridge into place
  • Providing the finishing touch for a dental implant

Replacing Missing Teeth

If you have one or more missing teeth, normal activities such as speaking, smiling and chewing can become a challenge. Your appearance can also be impacted. A dental bridge offers a solution.

This common restoration fills in the empty space in your mouth by attaching to teeth that have been fitted with dental crowns on either side of the gap.

It’s often preferred to fill in the gap left by missing teeth to prevent your healthy teeth from drifting over to fill in the space. Over time, this can contribute to other problems such as bite issues, teeth that are unduly worn, gum disease and issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Tooth loss can also lead to more tooth loss in some instances.

Dental Implants

Whether you are missing one tooth or many, dental implants provide a solution that closely mimics your natural teeth. Dental implants replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown, so they have the capacity to also protect your bone health. Without a tooth root to stimulate it, the jawbone may begin to deteriorate over time.

A Customised Treatment Plan

If you need restorative dentistry such as a dental crown or bridge, we invite you to call our Kenmore, QLD clinic Kenmore Family Dental today and book an appointment for a consultation.