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Chris Plackner

Can dentistry be pain-free?

Today’s modern dentistry and available anaesthetic ensure that most procedures are as pain-free as possible. Our dentists also offer gentle care that makes patients feel more comfortable than ever. If you are ever experiencing discomfort and want us to stop treatment, please let us know. We want to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Our leading-edge technology means we can often provide shorter treatment times.

Many of the procedures required as part of your maintenance programme are naturally painless, including dental check-ups and cleans.

Rest assured, we are sensitive to your anxiety, and our entire team will work hard to ensure you feel calm and comfortable during your time with us. If you have concerns about dental pain, we invite you to contact our Kenmore, QLD dental practice ahead of your visit. We can go over anaesthesia options and talk in-depth about future treatments, so you know exactly what to expect. Often having a clear picture of a procedure sometimes helps to alleviate much anxiety about it.

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